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We are a company founded with a resilient spirit, and conscious drive of manufacturing high-quality pencils made 100% from recycled newspapers. Our journey began in 2017 with a group of close friends sitting and wondering together what impact they could commit to pursuing to build a better planet for future generations to come.


A simple resolution was passed to pursue green manufacturing. A collective agreement was settled to produce a pencil, but not just any, one that has the potential to leave a lasting legacy! A pencil is a simple but yet powerful tool as the first writing medium all humanity encounters at the beginning of life’s journey. Through a pencil, hope is activated, creativity is born, and passion is activated.


Unfortunately, the sad truth is that in our insatiable quest for creative writing and demand for consuming pencils, we perpetually destroy our planet in the process. The world consumes an average of 14 billion pencils annually. The majority are made from wood as the primary raw material – this results in millions of trees being cut in the process. As entrepreneurs we felt that an alternate solution was necessary. We present MOMO pencils to you. A pencil that embraces the principles of recycling buts still designed to deliver the ability the global need for creative expression at the highest level of quality and excitement.


The pencil of the future cannot be made from trees. We cut about 8 million trees annually to satisfy the global demand of pencils – this situation must be changed.

Our Mission

We envision producing a pencil that has the potential to change the world. MOMO Pencil exists to deliver a corporate citizenship mandate of manufacturing pencils that are both socially and environmentally responsible.

Our Values

Our culture is driven by the principles of responsible manufacturing, earth – friendly living, integrity, partnership, respect, absolute quality, continuous innovation, and sustainability.

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