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How the Environment affects our Health

How the Environment affects our Health

Amid growing pollution on the planet, diseases like cancer, asthma, and heart diseases are increasing rapidly. There is an urgent need to focus global attention on the urgent actions needed to keep the planet healthy which then translates to healthy people.

Cancer remains one of the leading causes of death around the world. It is not lost on us the risk factors fueling this disease. More and more people keep falling prey to this deadly disease and if our habits and lifestyle are not checked, this fatal disease will continue to claim more people. Cancer is caused by both internal factors such as inherited mutations, hormones, and immune conditions and environmental/acquired factors such as tobacco, diet, radiation, and pollution

Over the years an increasing number of chemicals and other environmental factors have been identified as leading causes of cancer. Air pollution, especially in urban areas, is a significant contributor to the burden of this disease worldwide. Most of the global population that resides in urban areas, especially where air pollution levels are high because of emissions from industry, power generation, transportation, and domestic burning, are more likely to be exposed to cancer. Outdoor air pollution poses an urgent worldwide public health challenge because it is becoming more rampant and has numerous serious adverse human health effects, including cancer. It is no wonder that more people are now being diagnosed with this deadly disease

The overall well-being and safety of society generally has never been now more at risk than it is right now. As more and more countries get industrialized, the problem of air pollution will continue to be experienced. People can however avoid some cancer-causing exposures, such as tobacco smoke and the sun’s rays. But things like toxic fumes are harder to avoid, especially if they are in the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, or the materials we use to do our jobs.

Air pollution, contaminated water, inadequate sanitation including solid waste management, risks related to certain hazardous chemicals, and negative impacts of climate change are the most pressing environmental public health threats in the Region. These threats to public health are compounded by weak governance practices and potential inequities in health as well as by limited leadership, expertise, and resources in the health sector.

The theme of Our Planet, Our Health should be a powerful reminder to us that the resolution of many of these issues is beyond the exclusive purview of the health sector and, as a consequence, an effective response will demand the whole- of- government and whole- of- society approaches.

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