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Ramadan is a holy and blessed month for Muslims all around the world. Muslims fast for 29-30 days during Ramadan, which begins with the appearance of the new moon. From sunrise until sunset, Muslims observe fasts in which they don’t consume any food or water (and do not smoke). People indulge in Ramadhan preparations and prepare sahur (the end of the fast) and Iftar (the beginning of the feast) as the sighting of the moon is announced (opening of the fast). When the moon is visible, people contact one another and exchange greetings such as Ramadhan Mubarak or Ramadhan Kareem. It comes to an end with the jubilant Eid ul Fitr celebration, which lasts three days. After that, Muslims start to prepare for Ramadan from the month of Shaban. They look out for decorative ideas and iftar dishes to enthusiastically celebrate Ramadan and Eid.

The month of Ramadhan is full of blessings and mercy that showers upon Muslims from Allah Almighty. Therefore, in order to increase their fair share in the feast of blessings and mercy, Muslims try preparing for the month beforehand, so that the transition remains easy for them and they make the most out of the whole month.

Reflecting Upon Ramadan:

When a Muslim hears about the arrival of Ramadan, the first thing he or she needs to do is to reflect upon the purpose of Ramadan. Allah Almighty does not need the fasting, the thirst and hunger of a Muslim, rather it is all for the personal good of a Muslim and the well-being of society.

  1. During Ramadan, all Muslims pray extensively and cordially, therefore, it is quite natural that this month presents a chance for increasing the reward balance and seeking forgiveness for the sins that a person has committed.
  2. The hunger and thirst in the month of Ramadan help a Muslim relate with the other people in the world who are unfortunate and don’t have access to ample food and drinking water. When a Muslim keeps a fast, actually he or she empathizes with such people and feels the way they feel and the way go through the day with such limited provision.
  3. When a Muslim goes through the day with limited energy, although it affects them at a physical level, however, the real effect of it is seen on the attitude of a person making him or her more humble and patient. Therefore, during a fast, a Muslim is supposed to be at the best of his or her character in terms of patience and humility.

Tips for Preparing For Ramadan

The objective of preparations is to make a person transit into the routine of Ramadhan and not waste any of its precious moments. Below are the major tips that can help in preparing yourself better for the Holy Month.

Have The Right Intentions:

You must really intend to make the most out of this month only then will you be able to enjoy Ramadhan and gain the blessings it offers. On the other hand, if you just want to go through the month, then nothing will come to avail and despite whatever situations of ease you create for yourself, Ramadan will be futile and hard for you. Therefore, try having the right intentions pertaining to preparing for the month.

Get Into The Habit Of Tasbeeh

Tasbeeh is verbal praise of Allah Almighty which a Muslim does by either reading phrases or words of praise of Allah Almighty. In Ramadhan, each and every moment gets sanctified, therefore, to get the maximum reward from the days of Ramadan besides prayer, a Muslim must do Tasbeeh as well. When you start performing Tasbeeh a month before the arrival of the Holy month, then by the time the month comes, you are already in the habit of recitation of Tasbeeh, while sitting, walking, or doing any work.

Make Your Prayers Regular

In Ramadan, the number of people in congregational prayer gradually increases. However, there are people who initially find it hard to make time to go to a mosque and offer prayer in the congregation in the beginning days of Ramadan. Therefore, in order to make sure that you offer prayers with the congregation on the first day of Ramadan, start making time for congregational prayer a month before the arrival of the Holy month.

Try Keeping Few Nafli Fasts

The initial few fasts of Ramadhan are quite hard on Muslims, as they suddenly get exposed to hunger and thirst and don’t know how it is to spend a day on low energy. They don’t know the foods that make them feel satiated for longer, they don’t know the drinks that keep their thirst in control and they don’t know how they should adjust their routine during fast. For this very reason, it is imperative that a Muslim keeps a few Nafli fasts before Ramadan in order to know about the changes that are to come during the fast so that when Ramadan comes, he or she is prepared for it.

Quran Reading

Quran recitation brings blessings and rewards from Allah Almighty; however, in order to read Quran, it is imperative that a Muslim has sufficient time. Therefore, in order to make the most out of Quran reading in Ramadan, it is imperative that Muslims start reading Quran before Ramadan so that he or she knows how much they can read at a particular time and when do they have time for it. This way, when Ramadan comes, they already know when to read and how much to read. And for those Muslims, who are naive to reading Quran in Arabic, it is the perfect time to start learning to read the Quran as the reward of learning In Ramadan is 70 times higher than learning in any other month.

It is imperative for a Muslim to contemplate the purpose of Ramadhan so that he or she is able to experience and incorporate that purpose into his or her personality. Moreover, the preparation of the Holy month before its start also helps in enjoying the month in a better way and experiencing the true essence of it with minimal hassle.


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