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Schools embracing sustainability

Schools embracing sustainability

There is a new demand for organizations to embrace sustainability as a corporate citizenship mandate towards society. Sustainability is now not only something that organizations can consider doing but it is something they must now embrace.

 The global environment is facing a climate change crisis and it is now prudent that everyone both individually and corporately comes on board in the quest for a solution to the global challenge we are all facing

This call for sustainability now also applies to schools too. Schools must now think of embracing sustainable practices. It is important to help students understand the importance of sustainability and of going green. It’s also crucial to encourage students to be environmentally conscious throughout the year when they are in school.

But what are some of these things that can be implemented in schools to make them sustainable? Your school can introduce and participate in sustainable activities. Schools can organize for talks and awareness events that promote a healthy lifestyle that encourages and helps students think about their actions and their effects on the environment.

The goal is for students and by extension parents to realize that their actions can help reduce pollution. Teachers can also help students start a Teacher/Student-Run Recycling Club or a tree planting club or any activity that can interest children but contribute towards sustainability. For example, there is a great amount of paper that is thrown away every day at school.

Students can collect these papers and sell them to companies that can recycle them into useful products. Students can also recycle newspapers & magazines to create fabulous art Projects.


If schools frequently take students on an environmentally informative field trip, then this is another way of impacting students. Field trips are a great way to help your students become more environmentally conscious. Students can learn about renewable energy, from sources like the sun, wind, and water.

Students can also be taught about proper trash disposable habits so that even as they grow up, they grow knowing that trash cannot pick itself up but that someone is responsible for cleaning the environment.


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