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Why Family is Important to the Society

Why Family is Important to the Society

The importance of spending time together as a family is indisputable. Having healthy human connections with our family members is crucial for our social well-being and overall wellness.

We live in a fast-paced world with everyone busy doing one thing or the other. It is common to find a family where one parent or both are always away from the home for as long as a week, a month, or even a year. Children are today growing up without parents with house helps or nannies taking up that role. Some children are taken to boarding school when still very young and spend all their childhood in boarding school. Marriages are seemingly in trouble since both partners live away from each other and only meet once in a while. There is now an emergence of long-distance marriages which has led to the high rate of divorce being witnessed today.

The basic unit of any society is a family and not just any family but a functioning family. The family unit serves as the nursery for the citizens that become the population of a society. In other words, families are responsible for the development of children into the adults who will later collectively be society. As each of us is influenced and formed by our surroundings, so too is our society. A family is important to society because it is the foundation society is built upon. The values of the family will be reflected in society at large.

The role of Family in Society


The family is considered the core of society because it is the place where its members are most personally affected. This is the easiest place to instill values and create change. When families believe they can achieve and help others and lift each other up to prosper and reach greater heights, society can do great things. On the other hand, if the families are held down in an abject state of poverty and despair, the society will not prosper. The impact of family on society is small when you speak of only one family. However, it is huge when you speak of families collectively. And because we all influence each other in our connected communities, we can all make a positive difference. The role of the family in society is to create the foundational building blocks that shape the future of our society.

The importance of Family

1) Family introduces you to a new world when you arrive on earth.

2) Family helps us in our various developments like mental, social, physical, and emotional.

3) The Family is the one who demands less and gives us more as possible.

4) Family accepts us in all possible conditions whether good or bad.

5) Family brings out our personality more effectively.

6) Family is the backbone of one’s life that is the main supporting system of our body.

7) We cannot deny that family is the one who supports us financially also until we get a job.

8) We get recognition and name in society because of a family.

9) Every other member of the family has its own importance and value.

10) Family gives you wings to fly high in the sky to achieve your goal.


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